Do you know what divers do wrong? 

Scuba diving is a fun activity, but there are risks. When divers make mistakes the risks can become life threatening. This ebook makes you aware of unique mistakes in diving and gives you the knowledge of how to prevent them for you and your dive buddies.

  • Written by a former dive training agency director & forensic dive accident investigator
  • Defines why each mistake is problematic
  • Learn what it takes to prevent these major mistakes
  • Over 40 pages
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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A Note from Tec Clark

In this book you will find my top ten items that I see divers doing incorrectly. As both a former dive training agency director and forensic dive accident investigator, I have seen the outcomes of mistakes such as these. Those outcomes can range from dropping out of the sport, all the way to serious injuries or even death. This eBook is a culmination of mistakes I have seen divers make over my 30-year career as a diving professional, and these are items that I stress to my students not to do. Some of the items you may think is cliché’d or it is something you do not do wrong – but keep reading. Because I teach you how to avoid these mistakes and even improve in areas that you may not think you are doing wrong. I go into detail in each area bringing unconventional wisdom and rationale into each way to prevent these mistakes from occurring.

“My friend and colleague Tec Clark has done it again! Ten Mistake Divers Make may seem like a simple “what not to do” guide. But make no mistake; this book is the result of the decades of expertise Tec brings to dive safety. Many of the nuances in the book are simple adjustments to technique, attitude or routine that will make the difference between a dive you’ll want to remember, and one you’ll want to forget. However, some of the information in Ten Mistake could save you life. It’s a must read for both new divers and experienced folks who haven’t been wet in awhile. Actually, it’s a good read for any diver!”  

Alex Brylske, Professor of Marine Science & Technology at Florida Keys Community College, Author of The Complete Diver

“This book provides valuable and easy to understand advice to all divers and all who are just learning to become divers. Mr. Clark focuses on skills and tips that will help every diver become a better and more relaxed, safer diver. For continuing education I highly recommend this book.”  

Dan Marelli, Ph.D., Scientific Diving International

“10 Mistakes Divers Make and How To Prevent Them From Occurring is a book that covers the common mistakes made by divers while giving great advise for every beginning and experienced diver out there. Over my 40 plus years of diving I've seen everyone of these 10 mistakes made by divers. What I like most about the book is that Tec not only identifies the problem but outlines the prevention and gives you a "Tec's Tip" to prevent or learn more about to the issue. This is years of knowledge in a well put together short read. I've seen a few divers who could have prevented a lot of frustration and stress if they had only had this book read. I give it two thumbs and two fins up!!! Great job Tec and thanks for putting this together.”  

Capt Gary Mace, Conch Republic Divers

“Any person would be well-served to read this book and follow the advice of this long time dive industry expert.”  

Mark Flory,

“For more than 25 years I have been watching Tec Clark’s tireless enthusiasm in support of those seeking to explore the underwater world. His passion and expertise are an inspiration to diver’s around the world. His latest contribution provides practical and useful guidance for divers looking to get the most out of their diving activity.”  

Jarrod Jablonski, CEO Halcyon Manufacturing, Global Underwater Explorers, Extreme Exposure

“As a Charter Dive Boat Captain, I hope that my divers have read 10 Mistakes Divers Make and How to Prevent Them from Occurring. It offers very helpful "real world" information.”  

Bill Cole, President, Sea Experience, Inc.

“There’s lots of really great information found here that will help new divers and experienced diver make good choices and decisions. Keep up the good work.”  

Wayne Hasson, President, Aggressor & Dancer Fleet

“A quick must-read for the newbie and excellent nuggets of diving knowledge for everyone else! Two big fins up!”  

Greg Holt, Host/Producer of ScubaRadio

“Tec brings a common sense approach to addressing the problems divers at all levels, including technical and leadership, make. As a cave and technical instructor living in ‘Cave Country,' I regularly see divers making and repeating these mistakes, over and over again. I believe the section on Mistake #8 should be mandatory reading for those engaged in technical diving.”  

Ken Sallot,

“As a 30-plus-year diver, I learned several new things - things I wish other divers on my boat knew. Easy to read in a joyful, explorer’s tone common to enthusiastic divers, it is easy to immediately benefit from the author’s extensive experience. 10 Mistakes Divers Make will not only make your next dive more enjoyable, it will make you a safer diver. I find it well worth passing on to my dive buddy. And I have.”  

M. Cory Imboden, Physicist, diver & co-author of The Diver’s Devotional: Deeper in 40 Days